Singing Intensive is the game-changing singing course that comes with coaching from Damien Leith! YOU have a dream to improve your voice, to hit high notes, to master it and increase your confidence as a singer. We have the support, tools, and skills to make it happen - a lot quicker and easier than you ever imagined. Join today for coaching + instant access to the course.


"Damien's singing course gave me practical and achievable vocal exercises that have really helped me at my weekly gigs. His experience and tips were amazing and I definitely left the course feeling more confident about my voice."

Mick McHugh

"I can't believe the transformation in my voice thanks to Damien's help. The techniques and tips are so easy and work! "

Jade Tonta

 Hi I’m Damien Leith,

I'm a professional singer/songwriter and recording artist. I have over 15 years of experience and can help you achieve your goal of being an incredible singer! 

For first-class vocal training, join my Singing Intensive course. 

This course will help you to:

  Find your unique voice & master it

  Sing with control

  Breakthrough any fears you have about your voice

  Master your breathing & learn simple, easy vocal techniques that will increase your vocal range

  Feel empowered and ready to perform with confidence!


I have always loved helping people with their music.

I was always the one that people came to when they wanted help with an audition or a song they were struggling with. 

I loved doing this and after all these years, I now get to help people all over the world improve their voice. 

Even if it's someone that just wants to master one song for their 'party piece' or an aspiring artist who is about to release a new single or even someone who gigs five nights a week and needs help maintaining their voice. 

It feels so great to help people improve their voice and surprise themselves with how good they sound. There's no person I've met, that I haven't been able to help.

I went on a reality TV show and won!

It feels like a lifetime ago that I entered Australian Idol, auditioned and went through the weekly rounds and eventually won in 2006. So, I know what it's like to audition, I know what works and what makes people stand out. 

I also learned there were things you could do to help your voice and in turn your confidence. 

Turns out winning a “reality TV show” can only take you so far and it's just where the real work starts! 

I have learnt so much about singing and my voice and I know I can help anyone out there who wants to improve. 

“Is improving my voice really possible then?”

The answer is a resounding YES!

But just like someone who wants to be lean and athletic - they need to work out to maintain their fitness, so does a singer with their voice. 

As a singer, there are some exercises and techniques that will help speed up your results!

But, improving any voice is VERY possible and in fact, over the past decade or so I’ve increased my range and my ability to perform night after night without losing my voice or going hoarse. I was never able to do this when I started out. 

But can I really improve your voice?

Here’s what I use to think:

You either had a good voice or you didn't, you were born a great singer and you were lucky. 

What nonsense!

You may naturally have a good voice but you CAN improve at any stage even if you think you're tone deaf. 

I never knew you could improve your voice, look after your voice and sound better.  

Look, improving your voice isn’t a magic trick. It takes work but there are some easy, simple techniques you can do to see a vast improvement in a short amount of time.

But it does take work - and when done properly, it takes less work than you think and you can have fun with it! 

And right now, you can get it all plus coaching from ME for just $299!

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You can buy this outright or over 3 payments - whatever works best for you.



Coaching with Damien Leith (two x 30minute sessions via zoom)

Online Course

Daily vocal warm ups

Best breathing techniques





Coaching with Damien Leith (two x 30minute sessions via zoom)

Online Course

Daily vocal warm ups

Best breathing techniques


And the best part?

Book your coaching session with Damien at the beginning of your course; get all the best tips and advice. Then go and do the course at your own pace and then book your second coaching session and I guarantee you will improve! 

Learn from someone who has gone before you. 

Improving your voice is possible - very possible.

You just need to have a plan to follow and some guidance otherwise you’ll waste your time and go round in circles. 

And I’m not about to let that happen to you.

So I took over a decade’s worth of knowledge, success, pain, frustration, and experience and distilled it all down into a simple course that you can use and implement right away and I'm here to help you. 


An all inclusive singing course that helps you find your voice, master it and in turn, increase your confidence. A step by step process that you can easily follow along. You don't have to figure anything out, just do what I tell you and take each step to a better voice! 

Singing Intensive will help you:

Sing Better & Sound Amazing

Your voice will improve and the more you do the exercises and take on the advice, the better it will get. 

Ultimate Time Flexibility

Take these lessons when, where, and how much you want - you make the schedule to fit your life, not the other way around.

Do what you've always wanted

Go to bed satisfied knowing you are doing something you've always wanted to do! 

Share your voice

Make sure you sing and share your voice with everyone, making music and performing is a special gift. 

Singing Intensive is an online course that gives you the tools and exercises you need to improve your voice at any stage you may be at. 

Take the course however you would like, over one week, a year! Don't worry, it's easy to follow along and I lay out for you my exact method for improving your voice without skipping a single step.

This program is focused on 4 core areas:

⭐️  Overview of how your voice works

⭐️  Exact daily exercises to do

⭐️  Breathing and how powerful this is

⭐️   COACHING - with 2 x 30min sessions with Damien Leith via zoom! We'll book one in at the start of your journey and then a few weeks later once you've started the course. 

With these 4 components covered, all you have to do is focus on doing the work and your voice will improve! 

It literally becomes plug and play after that - even if you’ve never sung before! Just go through the steps and you'll be so surprised with how good you start to sound. 

If you put in the work - you’ll get the results!

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll learn inside the core video lessons of Singing Intensive:

Module 1 - Overview

❏ The secret to a great voice

❏ How to find your voice

❏ Exactly what to do to warm up your voice and help you hit higher notes, hold notes longer and add much more!

Module 2 - Breathing

❏ How important this one step is for massive improvement (and the biggest mistake most people make)

❏ The best things I do to help my voice if I am run down or sick and need to perform 

Module 3 - Vocal Exercises

✔️  I give you my exact daily exercises and you can download and put them on your phone, do them in your car or take them wherever you go. 

✔️  How to do the exercises - I show you how. 

✔️  Find what works best for you


Module 4 - Confidence

✔️  A simple way to increase your confidence instantly

✔️  The one thing most people are scared to do but literally will double your progress


Module 5 - COACHING

✔️  The one difference between an online course that works and one that doesn't - is support and accountability. 

✔️  You have 2 x 30minute live sessions with Damien Leith, where he will help you with your voice and you can ask any questions at all - this makes all the difference! He can watch and hear you sing and give you tips that will instantly help you. 




Singing Intensive is for you if...

  • You're tired of never working on your voice, something you've always wanted to do
  • You're passionate about learning the best tips and tricks from a professional, award winning singer. 
  • You want to learn how to sing with control, hit high notes and feel confident when you sing
  • You're willing to be coached
  • You want instant feedback on your voice and how you can improve it
This is NOT for you if...
  • You're expecting a magic pill to make you sound better. I can't promise that. 
  • You expect results without putting in any work. 
  • You know best and don't want to be coached

“How much time do I realistically need to put in for it to work?”

The truth is it all depends. Are you a complete beginner? Have you ever performed before? These variables will affect how much time it might take for you to improve, but the good news is it’ll take less time than you think.

The minimum amount of time you need to improve your voice to begin with is 10 minutes a day. That works out to be just over 1 hour a week. You could easily find an extra hour in your week by waking up 10 minutes earlier every day. 

Some of my students even squeeze in 10 minutes on their lunch breaks or while they're preparing dinner, driving to and from work or gigs.

If you can do more than that - fantastic! But it’s not necessary to see results. 

“I know I've always wanted to learn how to sing but I just don’t understand how I can improve?”

This is normal. Most people (myself included) have at one point or another thought that you can't improve  - but I can show you “how.”

That is the entire purpose of Singing Intensive - to help you discover your voice and then how to improve it. Something that you can use at any time to show your emotions, express yourself and do something you love. 

“Is it really possible for me to improve my voice? Or is it too late?”

Of course, I have helped so many people who never even imagined themselves as a singer. So why not you?! Don’t let fear hold you back from doing something you want to. There is no best time to give something a 'go'.

And this course will show you exactly how to do just that.

So here’s what you’re getting with the Singing Intensive program

✅  Full Singing Intensive with videos of in-depth, step-by-step training ($1500 value)

✅  BONUS Coaching with Damien Leith (two x 30min sessions via zoom) to help you take your singing to the next level (AN ABSOLUTE GAME CHANGER)

Total value for all of this amazing training is over $2,000

If all this did was...

If all this course did was give you the confidence to sing in front of people, would it be worth it?

If all this course did was show you how to care for your voice and hit higher notes, wouldn't it be worth it?

If all this course did was allow you to ask Damien questions about your voice and what songs would best suit you, would it be worth it?

If all this course did was show you how to care for your voice and hit higher notes, wouldn't it be worth it?

If all this course did was allow you to ask Damien questions about your voice and what songs would best suit you, would it be worth it?

But today you get access to all of this for only one payment of $299

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