ABOUT Damien Leith

Damien Leith is an Award winning singer and songwriter who has sold over 500,000 albums and his most common quote when people describe his voice - 'he has the voice of an angel'

He now helps people find and improve their voice.  

His Singing Intensive course helps students from all around the world master their voice. 

He's a professional recording artist, lives on the coast South of Sydney, he's an author, breakfast radio announcer and father of 3. 

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Instagram: @damienleith
Facebook: @damienleith

 More about Damien...

Damien didn't start singing til he was 16 years old. He wanted to be an actor and his school was putting on a musical. He had to sing to be in that. He didn't even think he could sing well and was so nervous to let anyone hear his voice. That musical was the catalyst for finding his voice and he landed the lead role!

He was hooked from this point on and started a band and performed at every pub around Ireland. It turns out that was hard work and took its toll on his voice but he loved it. He was convinced to audition for TV talent show, Australian Idol in 2006 and won it!  Since winning, his career has been extensive with over 11 albums and huge national tours. Now he wants to share all his experience, tips and secrets by helping others on their musical journey. He can help everyone from a  complete beginner to a professional. Learn from someone who has experienced it all and wants you to succeed!