Hi I'm Damien Leith,

I’m a singer and songwriter, here to help you. 

I’ll show you how to improve your voice so you can hit those high notes and be proud of your voice. 

For the ultimate transformation of your voice, join my Singing Intensive program.

This course will help you to:

👉  Improve your voice and range

👉  Find your unique voice

👉  Master your voice

👉  Improve breath control for singing

👉  Stop negative habits that you may not even know you are doing while you sing

👉  Hit higher notes, look after your voice and so much more. 



How can I help you?


Love writing songs? I'll help you craft great songs so you can release them into the world. I'll show you how to record and release your own song, all by yourself!   



I'LL COACH YOU to revolutionise your voice and create the success you deserve in my Singing Intensive course




  • Songwriting course
  • Singing intensive course
  • Access to Damien Leith 
  • Easy to follow along videos

ULTIMATE means FULL access to singing and songwriting courses


Interested in both songwriting and singing? Grab the ULTIMATE package, and enjoy unlimited access to both courses. Along with all regular updated material and access to Damien to ask any questions you may have. 

Meshel Laurie

"I loved songwriting with Damien. It was so easy, to the point and inspired me to write straight away. I couldn't have written a song without this course and the help of Damien."

Mick McHugh

"Damien's singing course gave me practical and achievable vocal exercises that have really helped me at my weekly gigs. His guidance through the course was personable, welcoming and I definitely left the course feeling more confident about my voice."

Have fun and improve your voice and songwriting ability.  


You don't have to be a musician or a music enthusiast to come learn with me. My courses are all about using your voice and writing songs while having fun, not about being perfect. Join me to let go of inhibitions, learn some new tricks, and love the process of making music!

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